Give Me 20 Minutes … and I’ll Reveal 3 Specific Strategies That Will Completely Shift the Way You Think, Feel and Interact with Your Children”
Discover How to Quickly, Easily and Permanently Overcome the 6 Biggest Behavioral Challenges Parents Face
Parenting is hard work. And if you’re like most parents, your kids’ behavior often drives you nuts … creates chaos and stress … and may even make you wonder at times why you had kids. (Yep, I really said it.)

Don’t worry. You’re not alone.
Most kids push their limits and exhibit challenging behaviors. Unfortunately, for many families, their kids’ behavior takes over. 
How Many of These Sound Like You?
  •  You’ve lost control of your family. Your child’s temper tantrums, sassiness, demands and ill manners run the show, limiting your family’s fun and activities together.
  •  You lose your cool with your kids more often than you’d like. You want to be a calm, loving, firm parent … but sometimes you. Just. Can’t. Take. Any. More.
  •  You fear that you’re failing as a parent. You’ve tried idea after idea … from sticker charts and marble jars … You sometimes see a temporary shift. But then the bad behavior comes back, often stronger than before.
  •  You hold your breath every time the phone rings … wondering if it’s yet another call about something horrible your kid did. Playdates have dried up. You’re on a first-name basis with the school’s principal. And your kids are the ones that other parents point at and whisper about.
  •  Your parenting confidence is practically non-existent. You wonder where you went wrong and second-guess every decision you make. You’re a powerhouse at work. So how come you can’t figure out how to get your kids to behave?
  •  You’re embarrassed, horrified and honestly baffled by your kids’ behavior. You never would have dreamed of speaking to your parents the way your kids talk to you or of behaving the way they do. You don’t know what else to try … and you’re starting to chalk up your kids’ behavior as a sign of the times.
  •  You’re completely overwhelmed by all of the decisions you have to make. Your mind is muddled by all of the conflicting parenting advice you receive. You’re frustrated, fed up and just want someone to tell you what works.
  •  You’re sad and disappointed … because this isn’t what you signed up for. You aren’t being the parent you want to be. You aren’t experiencing the fun and joy with your small beings that you desire. All you do is yell at and fight with your children. There is no kindness left … and many days, you don’t even like your kids (which you then feel guilty about). 
  •  You worry endlessly about what will become of your kids. Will they be happy? Will they be successful? How can they ever become well-rounded adults if this is how they behave? 
  •  You’ve almost given up hope that things will ever change. You’re starting to count down the years until this nightmare will be over and your nest will be empty.
Listen, I know it’s rough. But don’t worry. There IS hope.
These Families Transformed – and Yours Can, Too
Vinnie came to me 4 years ago at age 8. He had a diagnosis of ADHD and could not stop talking. His parents were frustrated, his sister was scared of him, and school told the family they needed outside help if he was going to stay as a student.

Vinnie’s primary behavioral challenges were getting ready in the morning – and how he spoke to his family. Vinnie caused his family to run late every morning for school and work. And he argued every step of the way.

I took his parents through my 3 Behavior Keys – and the results were incredible. Vinnie gets out of bed peacefully, dresses himself, sits at the table for breakfast without a fuss and even gets his own backpack together. 
Mornings now start with love and listening, rather than fighting. Each day feels so much easier and smoother, and life is happier all around. Vinnie’s performance at school, relationship with his sister, and attitude throughout the day have improved. Mom and Dad have a happier marriage, since there is less tension in the house each morning. The most exciting part is that the tools they use in the morning can be used throughout his day so everything is more successful for this family!
Ilana came to me 6 years ago. She was defiant and controlling. Her parents walked on eggshells around her because she would become destructive if she didn’t get what she wanted. 

Meals were one of the biggest problem times. Not only would Ilana not 
stay at the table, she often had tantrums about the food she was served. 

I took these parents through my T and R strategy – and mealtimes changed immediately. The very first meal that they used my T and R strategy, Ilana sat at the table longer than ever before, ate all her chicken and pasta, and took 3 bites of peas. They were convinced it was a fluke, but meal after meal it worked. Ilana started eating what she was given for dinner every night and participating in the family conversation. 
Now that they have family meal time and a daughter who eats well, their life is full of possibilities. They can now have dinner with friends, go out to eat and have a reliable time to connect as a family. Most importantly, these parents are no longer afraid of their daughter. And because she is eating a well-balanced diet, Ilana has more energy and better health.
Amya came to me 18 months ago. Just 3 years old, she was driving her family bonkers.

Bedtime was the biggest challenge, though Amya also struggled throughout the day with waiting. 
When it was time for bed, Amya would ask for everything under the sun – a glass of water, then one more song, then another kiss goodnight, then to say goodnight to her older brother. All of these things were logical, but bedtime would drag on … and on … and on.

I took the parents through my Bedtime Routine Plan – and evenings were transformed. Amya stayed in bed once she was tucked in. She might play quietly with a doll before drifting to dreamland, but her parents taught her that the rest of her requests had to wait until morning. 

With a blissful bedtime routine in place, these parents gained several more hours to themselves each night. After Amya goes to bed, they have dinner together, as well as ample time to get work done and take care of things around the house. 

Amya is benefitting, too. She’s better rested throughout the day. Her parents also find that she listens and waits better throughout the day, because she learned how to do it at bedtime. 

The transformation these families experienced may seem miraculous. But this type of dramatic – and fast – change can be experienced by any family. 
Even yours.
The Key to Overcoming ANY Challenging Behavior?
You – the parent – are the solution.

Small beings look to their parents for cues, guidance and boundaries about how to behave. You set the tone, the energy, the expectations, the modeling and the rewards.

Yes, YOU are in the driver’s seat – even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. 

The secret is to understand how human behavior works … and how changing your behavior will naturally influence your child’s behavior.

That’s where I can help.
I’ll Unlock the Secrets to Effortless Behavior Change
Hi, I’m Dr. Marcie … a speaker, author, behavior specialist, and change motivator. I facilitate transformation for parents who want help changing their kids’ behavior.

My specialty is, in short, behavior. I am a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctorate (BCBA) level; I have my Doctorate (along with 2 masters degrees) from Teachers College, Columbia University; and I am a New York State Certified Special Education Teacher as well as a New York State Certified Administrator. Along the way I also became a certified yoga teacher and a Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, completed Tony Robbins' Master University, and studied in cranio-sacral therapy. I am currently training to be an International Coach Federation certified coach. I’m the #1 best-selling author of Love Your Family Again, best-selling author of Love Your Classroom Again, a regular contributor to NY Parenting, and have been featured on NBC, Fox, and Pix11 among other news outlets. 

My broad academic background in behavior, combined with a plethora of experience transforming behavior, has helped thousands of families worldwide. I teach them how to understand how their kids’ minds work … how human behavior works … and how to take their rightful place as leader of the family. 

The result? They feel more confident, calm and in control. And their kids start behaving in ways that align with family values. 

Wouldn’t you love to experience this type of transformation in your own family?
Master My Most Powerful Strategies – in the Comfort and Convenience of Home
Working with me one-on-one is expensive and I have limited spaces available.

But I don’t want you to wait. Not only does it mean that you’re giving up precious time when you should be enjoying your kids …

But the longer a problem behavior exists, the more firmly it gets set.

To empower you and other parents to facilitate the change in your children that you want to see, I’ve distilled my best strategies and practices into a 6-week home-study program that you can go through when – and where – it’s most convenient for you.

You’ll invest just minutes each day – and experience the benefits for a lifetime.
Get 40% Off When You Start Today
Dr. Marcie's Behavior Boost breaks down the process of changing your behavior – and therefore, your kids’ behavior – into tiny, easily manageable, daily action steps. It launches you into action ... so you achieve immediate success and put yourself firmly on the path to creating long-term, positive change.

The program is normally $497 … but I’m giving you over 40% off, and you’ll invest only 3 simple payments of $97 to start today.

When you invest in your family’s future, you’ll reap rewards the rest of your life.

In Just 6 Weeks (or Less), You Could Be Experiencing These Results…
Imagine how calm, peaceful and enjoyable your life will be when you:
  •   Actually make it through homework without yelling and frustration.
  •  Stop being confused about your priorities related to your family … and instead gain clarity about your goals and how to build them into your daily life.
  •  Get out the door in the mornings without 32 reminders to your daughter to brush her teeth.
  •  Peaceful bedtimes where going to bed on time is the norm and not the exception.
  •  Create time with your small being to play Go Fish rather than having all of your time together consumed with tantrums.
  •  Face parenting challenges with concrete tools and confidence.
I’ll Show You How to Solve the Top 6 Behavioral Challenges
Each week, we’ll have a specific focus for our work together:

Week 1 focuses on Boost 1 - Morning Routines
    •  How to use MY SIMPLE METHODS to change mayhem into structured action. 
    •  You will learn what to say and what not to say to have mornings that actually work.
    •  Create a routine so you are not trying to remember what else needs to happen before you walk out the front door for the day.

    Week 2 focuses on Boost 2 - Creating Goals for Your Family 
      • Take time, perhaps for the first time ever, to decide what is important as a goal for your parenting.
      •  How to break down your big goals into bite-sized, manageable pieces that become part of your day to day life. 
      •  Work on having your overall family goals integrate into your daily life, so your small ones actually become the amazing humans you want them to be.
      •  Find out the importance of your language from Toni Eames in the bonus for this week. 

      Week 3 focuses on Boost 3 - Bedtime Routine
        • How to create an improved routine for your small being … and YOU. 
        •  Know what it looks like when bedtime is a breeze and how to keep that going.
        •  Understand the importance of getting your small beings body ready for bed, so that bedtime is successful.
        •  Experience how a smooth bedtime for everyone improves all elements of your life.

        Week 4 focuses on Boost 4 - Help with Chores + Homework
          •  How to include your small being in household activities. 
          •  Making homework a daily habit that is smooth and successful.
          •  Learn ways to stop fighting with your children when you give them directions.

          Week 5 focuses on Boost 5 - Facing Parent Frustration
            •  How to be positive while emotions are running high. 
            •  What does it really mean when experts tell you to stay calm and how can you actually do that on a regular basis.
            •  See that frustration is part of the role of being a parent and how to not let it overshadow the amazingness of your family.

            Week 6 focuses on Boost 6 - Quality 1-on-1 Time
              • How to fit quality 1-on-1 time (that curbs challenging behavior) into your busy schedule.
              •  Understand how quality time reduces challenging behavior.
              •  Figure out ways to include it that you enjoy and so will your kiddos.
              •  Learn the importance of scheduling quality time, even when you already spend so much time with your small beings.
              "Dr. Marcie definitely gave us practical, day-to-day strategies for how to deal with certain behavioral situations. But she also had a nuanced understanding of the specific cognitive issues we were dealing with, and addressed those issues in an extremely intelligent, thoughtful, and comprehensive way."

              ~ Sarah, mom of a 7-year-old small being

              How the Program Works
              Each week, you’ll get a link to your video.

              For maximum convenience, you can watch the video lessons at home or at work, on your computer or tablet, or even over your mobile phone.

              Each day, you’ll receive a short-and-sweet email related to that week’s lesson.

              Set aside a few minutes each day to make your parenting transformation a priority.

              Within weeks (even days), you’ll find yourself with more time to invest as you spend less time fighting and dealing with your child’s problem behaviors.
              "The short amount of time it took for my husband and I to participate in the Behavior Boost made it easy to fit into our very busy schedules. The Boost not only positively changed my son's behavior, but my husband and I are definitely more conscious of putting our phones away and really being 100% mentally present when focusing on our kids during our quality one-on-one time."

              ~ Elizabeth, mom of 2 small beings
              Receive 3 Bonus Gifts to Accelerate Your Family’s Transformation

              Bonus #1 – 3 Keys to Change ALL Behavior (A $100 Value)

              This 6-part video training program teaches the foundational tools that you’ll apply throughout the Behavior Boost. The 3 Keys are:
              •  Speak with Purpose 
              •  Do More - Actions count 
              •  Choose Honey - perspective is powerful 

              These keys are the backbone of all my work – and the reason I’ve been able to help thousands of families who have turned to me as their last resort. This easy-to-follow program is your first step in understanding behavior. 

              Bonus #2 – Weekly Interviews with Parenting Guest Experts (A $297 Value)
              Each week, I’ll send you a new bonus interview with other parenting experts who will share their insights, knowledge and action-based tools with you. 

              The list includes:
              Michael Ian Cedar who is a speaker and Legacy Coach who will share his best tips for how to start the day off right in your home.
              Jackie Dolson Shewchuk, a Speech and Language Pathologist who travels around the world training other SLP’s and has a practice in New York City.  She’ll talk about how to spend quality time with your family, what to do and how to make it a positive experience. 
              Denise Hopkins, a Yoga Instructor who will share ways to face your own frustration to enhance every day with your small beings and help you create the family of your dreams. Through specific Yoga methodology, Denise learned the skills she needed to let go of old disempowering behavior patterns. She found an inner strength, which birthed new confidence, passion, and lots of feeling.

              Bonus #3 – How to Get Your Partner On Board (A $100 Value)
              You’re ready to dive in and do the work needed to get your mornings to be magical, clarify your parenting goals, and nurture a great relationship with your child. But other adults in your child’s life don’t want to change.

              Is all lost? Nope. 

              Getting your partner and other important adults (nanny, grandparents, etc.) on board is a critical piece to fast, easy and permanent success. This powerful training will help you all get on the same page and working toward the same vision of success. 

              As a bonus, the tools you’ll learn in this bonus training can be applied to all other areas of your life to create rapport, harmony and teamwork.

              The combined value of these 3 incredible bonuses is $497 and Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost program normally sells for $497 … for a total value of $994.
              When you enroll today, you’ll get all 3 bonuses for free -- plus the entire 6-week Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost program for 40% off. Get started for just $97 today.
              Your Delight Is Guaranteed with My 30-Day “Love-It-Or-Return-It” Promise
              Participate in Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost for the next 30 days. Watch the videos, do the short daily exercises, and go through the bonus training (multiple times if you want).

              If you:
              •  Don’t start feeling more confident about your parenting choices
              •  Don’t notice improvements in your small being’s behavior
              •  Don’t enjoy parenting more
              •  Dislike the program for any reason

              Simply let me know, and I’ll refund every penny of your investment, no questions asked.

              Avoid the Gimmicks – and Use Scientifically Proven Tools that Work
              Gimmicks don’t work for long-term change. And they require far too much time and energy from parents.

              The strategies I’ll teach you are based in science – and in how the human mind is wired. 

              By taking small daily actions, these new strategies will quickly become second nature – and a new way of being for your family.

              Join me on this journey, and you’ll discover:
              • That yelling does not need to be a way of life for your family.
              •  How to parent in a way that makes you proud of yourself.
              •  What steps to take to have successful mornings and evenings in your home.
              •  How to raise children who will become amazing adults.
              •  What rules are right for your family – and how to write them.
              •  How to fit family time into the busy life you are leading and knowing how it changes problem behavior into productive behavior.
              •  Ways to get chores done in your home, without having to hire a maid.

              TODAY Is the Best Time to Start – and Here’s Why
              The longer you let problem behaviors go on, the longer it takes to change them.

              Don’t wait until your day-to-day life is so unbearable that you can’t take one more day. 

              Don’t wait until you have given up all hope of having fun with your children before you take steps to change what is happening behind the closed doors in your home. 

              What if you could have more fun, excitement and enjoyment in your family today – and most importantly, raise amazing children while being a rockstar parent? 
              If you’re willing to stop your own bad behavior…

              If you’re willing to stop battling with your child and letting your child push your buttons instead of being an adult and leader in your home …

              If you are willing to step into your role as a parent and take responsibility for the critical job of raising an amazing child...

              If you’re willing to say yes to a positive and exciting relationship with your child … 

              If you’re ready to be excited for Fridays because it means you have the weekend with your kids, rather than counting the minutes until Mondays when everyone goes back to school...

              Enroll in Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost today for just $97 (plus 2 more installments of $97).
              "Whether we work on the day-to-day challenges of being a small being or bigger behavioral challenges, Dr. Marcie always makes it fun and productive."

              ~ Karen, mom of a 6-year-old, 3-year-old and 6-month-old

              You’ve already spent enough time hoping that it will change on its own. That with maturity, this behavior will shift. 

              Trust me … the problems you are facing will not magically disappear. You have to choose a different way of parenting.

              Start today to make the journey back to the family of your dreams. With the right tools and knowledge you can get there faster and smoother than you think!

              Enroll now and save 40%.

              Blue skies are ahead! Let’s get there together.
              P.S. I guarantee that you’ll see dramatic changes in your child’s behavior when you follow the step-by-step system I’ve mapped out in Dr. Marcie’s Behavior Boost. If you don’t, you won’t pay. See for yourself – get started here.